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Aging Odor Deodorant

 In recent years, the term "smell harassment", which causes trouble for other people with body odor and bad breath, has become widespread, and there is a growing need for deodorant products such as body soaps and shampoos for middle-aged and older men to eliminate body odor. In addition, with the aging of society, aging odor is becoming a problem even in the field of elderly care.

 In human skin, sebum is secreted from sebaceous glands, and 2-nonenal (2-NE), which is produced by peroxidation of palmitoleic acid contained in sebum, is known to be the cause of aging odor. As we age, the amount of palmitoleic acid contained in sebum increases. Free radicals, the great enemy of the skin, are generated on the skin surface. Palmitoleic acid undergoes peroxidation by the action of these free radicals and oxygen in the air to generate 2-NE.

 We succeeded in eliminating 2-NE. The SF compound we are developing would be useful as an ingredient of deodorant products with a new mechanism.

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